About the founding partners...

Filip Hamerlinck has a degree in chemistry and worked in the chemical industry for more than a decade, first as a shift supervisor with ARCO Chemical Products Europe, then as the assistant plant manager with Air Liquide Belgium to set up a new production plant in Antwerp (Polysol, Ethylene oxide, Propylene oxide). He went on to set up his own company - FH Business Consulting - which focuses on sales and managed to increase turnover by 250% for different client companies!

Filip is an experienced negotiator, has strong leadership qualities, and understands both industrial and business processes. He is also a partner and sales director with P41, a business consultancy realizing radical improvements in production processes and tooling through a combination of industrial engineering techniques: Process Analysis, TRIZ, Six Sigma, 5S, etc.

Finally, he's a founding partner and managing director of Perfect Selection, a recruitment consultancy providing the best resources and support for change management, industrial engineering, innovation, process management, project & programme management, etc.

Luc Geukens has a decade of experience in assisting & managing organizational change projects within large organizations. His approach is multi-disciplinary, touching all aspects of the organization, and focuses on People Change Management, dealing with cultural factors, resistance to change, industrial psychology, etc.

For many years now, Luc has had a genuine interest in Romania, and he has developed strong relationships at all levels: European Commission, Romanian Administrations, Private Companies, etc.

Recently, he has been involved with reorganizing the Operational Support Office for Fortis Facility Management in Belgium. Apart from change management, this also involves knowledge and competency management, education (training and e-learning), mass deployment, etc.

Luc manages his own business consultancy, Sphera, and he also is a founding partner of Perfect Selection.

Christian De Neef has a degree as an electronics engineer. With close to 20 years of experience in IT and management, he has held a variety of positions related to systems architecture & development, development support, project management, management consulting, BPR & work organization, research & development, etc.

A global director with DMR Consulting, and later on with Fujitsu, he managed his own team of business consultants and was responsible for multi-million dollar projects within both private and public sector.

His assignments have led him to focus more on human and organizational issues - such as transition management, organizational change management and technology transfer - as they pertain to IT. He has developed his career along these lines, taking on management responsibilities of increasing scope and importance.

He is regularly invited as a keynote speaker on a variety of subjects (Benefits Management, Knowledge and Content Management, Measurement, Quality) in international conferences.

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