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Foreign Investment Projects (FIP) Consulting is a Romanian consulting company, offering consulting services for public authorities and private companies for attracting European funds through the pre-accession Phare funding programmes and future structural funds available for Romania. Additionally, FIP offers assistance to foreign investors, interested in investing in Romania and in its neighboring countries (Hungary and Bulgaria).

P41 realizes short term radical innovative improvements in production and organization, in such a way that 2 leaps forward are taken simultaneously.

P41 aims to increase efficiency with at least 30%, with a measurable ROI within the 1st year. P41 also offers a wide range of training in industrial engineering & design, in combination with inventive/creativity techniques. P41 offers an external, independent view on a companies' products or production line.

Recent innovation provides for methods and techniques with a much broader field of vision, going well beyond the traditional approaches such as 6 Sigma, Lean Manufacturing or Blitz Kaizen.

Sphera achieves durable competitive advantage through competency management. It does so by designing and executing training projects, aimed at improving an organization's strategic position in the market.

A Sphera training project may either be stand-alone, or occur in the context of broader change initiatives. Project management techniques guarantee effective and efficient achievement of agreed competency driven objectives, clearly linked to competitive advantage.

Sphera manages and coordinates training there where classical learning or off-the-shelf solutions just aren't appropriate anymore.

Optima Facto is a network of outstanding consultants, each bringing its specific know how to answer the problem at hand. Services include Motivation, Management Training and Change Management, Sales Coaching and Training, and Total Quality Management (EFQM, ISO 9001, IT Service Management).

Over the years, Optima Facto has developed a specific approach for management integration in EC candidate and new-member countries. Optima Facto has access to a solid network of business experts in Romania, ready to share their experience.